Our International HR Services

Get the HR Service you Deserve

Our 16 years of experience as well as our extended geographical presence, in the African, European, and Middle Eastern markets, have enabled us to develop a wide range of dedicated offers that have revolutionized our approach of hr services.
Always guided by a concern for excellence and perfection, we are committed to meet your highest expectations and international standards applied in the most demanding companies on the market.
With the help of our international experts and specialists, we provide you with comprehensive offers that combine the administration, mobilization, and development of your most valuable assets: your human capital.

Consulting Services

Our Quality Consulting Services​

We create our consulting services with a previous focus on our client’s critical issues and needs including operation management, Hr service, and assistance, corporate finance, and sustainability across all our industries and fields.
Pentabell teams provide consulting service and personalized guidance based on deep, functional expertise but we are also known for our holistic approach: we capture and create added value across any boundaries and between different parts of any organization.
So whether you are facing challenges with your company culture or need any business strategic advice to rethink your future …

Recruitment Services

Our Dedicated Recruitment Services​​

Our hiring and recruitment specialists have built up strong networks of connections and learned how to optimize the hiring process to attract the best candidates in the markets according to the client’s needs.
At Pentabell we can manage your entire hiring process for you while offering you the best recruitment services on the market, starting with candidate acquisition, job interviews, profile validation, and final talents acquisition.
Through our approach, we make gain time, money and we reduce the hassle needed from your part which allows you to spend more time on the strategic aspects of your business.
Our recruitment services helped thousands of clients around the world to get the right candidate at the right time,

Payroll Services

Pentabell Payroll Services

Thanks to our client’s feedback, and our constant desire to satisfy your needs, we succeeded to develop a payroll approach that is based on expert support, right-priced services but also fast tax filling.
Hence, our payroll services have been created to provide our clients with a clear solution that: facilitate the calculation of employee pay, sends rapidly tax forms, and delivers payment on time.
Payroll services can be very complex and difficult to manage especially if you have a huge organization.
Pentabell payroll services do all of the hard work on your behalf and keep you up to date on any legal aspect or requirement for your organization so that you can focus on your cores business and strategic objectives.

HR Outsourcing Services

Discover our HR Outsourcing Services

Most companies use HR outsourcing services when they need the help of an expert in terms of complying with policies, laws but mostly to facilitate running small businesses.
Pentabell provides its clients with all the needed help, and resources to facilitate the outsourcing of their hr services.
Our HR outsourcing services can help you save your precious time and money and these are just the top-line benefits.
While counting on our services, you can secure your HR resources and get the expertise of our company.
Our organization connects you with experts who are always ready to jump in and help you with any request starting from small hr management issues to advanced policies development passing by administrative tasks.

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