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Welcome to the future of recruitment with Pentabell AI Sourcing Recruiters! Our expertise Ai is revolutionizing how you hire, bringing unparalleled efficiency to every step of your recruitment process. Discover how our years-long commitment to AI Sourcing is reshaping the recruitment landscape.

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Pentabell's AI Sourcing Investment

At Pentabell, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. With a steadfast commitment to staying ahead of the curve, we have invested significantly in AI Sourcing over the years. This commitment empowers our clients, whether you’re a forward-thinking company seeking top-tier candidates or a dynamic consultant on the lookout for your next career move. Our cutting-edge approach to recruitment ensures that your organization or professional journey reaps the rewards of the latest advancements in recruiting automation.

Pentabell's AI Sourcing Coordinators​

Ryan Mendes - Power in Energy


Ryan, our AI Sourcing coordinator, specialized in the energy sector. An indispensable ally for automated energy recruitment, Ryan employs advanced AI techniques to swiftly and accurately identify the best talents in the energy field. Keeping you ahead of the competition, whether you’re a company in the energy sector or a professional seeking exciting opportunities.


Sally Anderson - The Oil & Gas Expert

Sally The Oil Gas

Meet Sally, our dedicated AI Sourcing expert in the Oil and gas sector. With sophisticated artificial intelligence, Sally excels in identifying exceptional talents within the energy industry.

Optimize your recruitment process in the oil & gas sector with Sally by your side. Sally’s deep understanding of the energy market and extensive experience in sourcing and evaluating candidates make her an invaluable asset to Pentabell’s clients.

Sally The Oil Gas

Daniel Mitchell - IT & Telecom Mastery

Daniel Mitchel

Daniel Mitchell, our AI Sourcing Coordinator, is a tech enthusiast with profound industry insight, specializing in the IT & Telecom sector. Leveraging AI tools, he swiftly identifies top tech talent, ensuring Pentabell’s clients access a diverse pool of candidates. Daniel’s passion for emerging technologies and adept networking makes him an invaluable asset in the tech recruitment landscape. Whether facilitating talent acquisition for companies or aiding consultants in securing missions within the dynamic and ever-evolving IT and telecom sector, Daniel is your strategic partner for success.

Daniel Mitchel

Elias Deeb - Borderless Transport

Elias Deeb

Meet Elias Deeb, our AI Sourcing Coordinator, who optimizes talent acquisition strategies for the transportation sector. He helps companies find the right candidates and consultants find suitable missions by identifying individuals with the precise skills and experience required for specific positions. Elias uses AI-driven data analytics to reach beyond traditional channels and tap into niche online communities and professional networks.

Elias Deeb

Ava Brooks - Reinventing Insurance & Banking

Ava Brooks

Ava Brooks, our AI Sourcing Coordinator, is a seasoned advisor in insurance and banking talent. Her deep industry understanding and expertise in candidate sourcing make her a trusted guide for clients optimizing their hiring processes. Utilizing AI tools, Ava analyzes data sets to uncover passive jobseekers with specific skills, ensuring precise matches for insurance and banking roles. Her knack for identifying soft skills and cultural fit fosters lasting relationships, while her extensive network provides unparalleled access to specialized talent pools.

Ava Brooks

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At Pentabell, we believe in connecting talent with opportunity seamlessly. That’s why we’ve introduced a groundbreaking feature for our candidates – our AI Sourcing Coordinators. Our AI engine is the powerhouse that propels our recruitment process. It uses a variety of data points to match candidates with open positions, including their skills, experience, and interests. Why Wait? Propel Your Career Today! Don’t miss out on opportunities that match your skills and aspirations. Upload your CV now and let our AI-driven matching engine pave the way for your next career move. Your dream job may be just a click away.

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Ryan Mendes Power in Energy-Pentabell AI Sourcing Coordinators

Ryan Mendes

Empowering the
Energy Sector

Elias Deeb – Borderless Transport

Elias Deeb

Transforming Transport Beyond Borders

Daniel Mitchel Power in Energy-Pentabell AI Sourcing Coordinators

Daniel Mitchell

Mastering IT
& Telecommunications

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Ava Brooks

Revolutionizing Insurance & Banking