Pentabell is an International Payroll Specialist using a "Unified Payroll Solution" to deliver a Lean Payroll solution to more than 70 Blue Chip International Clients. Pentabell has Global Business in its core Business Divisions, being Energy, Gas & Oil, IT & Telecom, and Transport.

The advantages of our Payroll approach are to provide Local Payroll Solutions, for the provision of optimal Payroll Solutions that are managed by our Payroll Experts, the Order Administration (OA) Team, on a single Unified Platform.

This unified Payroll Solution allows Compliance, and Analytics to be managed Globally, and the backbone of our Lean Payroll solution is the backbone of our Order Administration (OA) Team.

The advantages of our Unified Payroll Solution compared to a Local Payroll Provider, or to a Payroll Aggregator are in identifying scaleable Payroll Solutions, suited to Projects, or to on-going Business Operations. We have some of the most talented Employees on the Market, and this has led to many satisfied Clients - Pentabell has mobilised more than 4000 Consultants this past 10 years, and its client revenue has been constantly increasing over the past five years.