Train Ambassador

September 7, 2023
Application ends: December 7, 2023

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Job Description


  • Deliver outstanding level of customer service at designated station or train including providing passenger information, assisting and educating passengers to use TVMs and assisting mobility impaired passengers. On train assist with station names and locations and use of carriage doors.
  • Visibility; patrol platforms and train carriages and monitor adherence to boarding of different sections on trains, guide passengers to correct section of trains as necessary.
  • Patrol station concourses or designated trains and identify opportunities to help customers.
  • Work with colleagues to support operations in response to degraded and emergency scenarios.
  • Act in accordance with instructions from CSM or OCC and apply relevant SOPs to deal with degraded or special circumstances including evacuation of the station.
  • Station Retail, deliver service at the TVMs, in the ticket office and ensure payments are collected and cash protected in accordance with the relevant SOPs for ticket selling activities.
  • Provide assistance at gatelines including showing passengers how to use automatic ticket gates.
  • Security and environment, work with colleagues to ensure a clean and ambient station or on-train environment is maintained at all times.
  • Deal with items left at station or on-train in accordance with security instructions and lost property SOP, report any unusual, antisocial behaviour, safety or cleanliness issues to CSM or OCC.
  • Report any accidents or incidents in accordance with reporting SOP to SOM or OCC, react as First response to Fire and provide basic first aid as necessary and summon assistance from colleagues and CSM where necessary.
  • Station Park and Ride, when rostered to work at a park and ride location carry out the duties outlined in the park and ride responsibilities SOP, ensure any cash collected is protected and deposited in line with cash deposit SOP.
  • Train Conditions, report any train faults, defects or other issues that require attention such as cleaning issues to the OCC.
  • Lost & Found, collect lost and found items from stations and deliver to the central warehouse facility. Ensure the CRM system is updated including location of items and liaise as necessary with the central lost and found team.
  • Participate in daily start of work briefings and report any issues that could affect customer service delivery to CSM.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Degree: Appropriate post-graduate diploma and/or professional certificates..
  • Drivers License
  • Train Driver Certificate if available