April 28, 2023
Application ends: July 27, 2023

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Job Description


  • Liaison with clients in France.
  • Liaison between French factories and the Port of Barcelona.
  • Periodic checking of wagon conditions (absence of elements that may cause damage to goods, proper anchoring elements, etc.).
  • Conducting periodic audits of vehicle damage.
  • Managing information on vehicles or any other cargo being loaded.
  • Verification of damages reported by the client on transported goods. Management of documentation generated as a result of incidents involving transported goods, as well as signing and stamping of corresponding reports.
  • Communication with the wagon maintainer.
  • Sizing of necessary resources to comply with transport regularity.
  • Implementing and executing process improvements and consistencies to comply.
  • Promoting and monitoring actions in the areas of Safety and Self-Protection, as well as compliance with Occupational Risk Prevention Laws and Prevention Procedures.
  • Monitoring and controlling production, circulation operations, and train maneuvers, as well as supervising integrated operations in logistics bases, and the provision of customer service and services from collaborating companies.
  • Participating in production planning for the optimization of material park usage, both for exploitation and maintenance, coordinating capacity and production.
  • Managing and collaborating in the implementation of corrective measures needed in case of deviations from predetermined benchmarks in coordination with the railway company.
  • Exploring new business opportunities, both in vehicle factories and distribution yards within a specific area of influence.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Official University Degree.
  • Personnel management and team supervision.
  • Management of computer systems o Control of technical documentation.
  • Industrial organization.
  • Computer applications for process design and control.
  • Knowledge of French and Spanish language.
  • Availability for geographical mobility for job development.
  • Valuable Knowledge related to the management of railway materials.
  • Valuable B2 level or higher in English.
  • Quality assurance systems, environmental and waste management.
  • Occupational Risk Prevention Law o Safety and Self-Protection.
  • Management and Coordination of Work Teams.