Trademark Assistant

February 5, 2023
Application ends: May 5, 2023

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Job Description

Open position for the IPS Service Team Novagraaf :

The IPS Service Team supports the management of the world wide trademark portfolio of our clients.
Do you want to be part of our Service Team and do you have experience with legal administrative work? This could be the position for you. You will be a part of the team based in Amsterdam.
Do you want to work in our team where we take care of processing the filing and maintenance of the trademark portfolio of our clients. We process the workflow steps, handle various documents and check the progress and quality of the necessary actions.
During the familiarization period you will gain experience with the systems and actions of the department, then you can take on an expert role for a sub-process and grow further in the other activities of the team.
As a member of the Service Team you are responsible for:
• Carrying out various procedures with regard to trademarks, designs and slogans, including registering trademarks and renewing registrations;
• taking care of standard correspondence based on fixed formats. If necessary, deviate from the standard or prepare simple correspondence;
• customer administration data: supplement customer files, make changes and manage current affairs agenda;
• submit the right info for the invoices;
• distributing and handling incoming mail by e-mail;
• processing statuses of the Trademark registrations of our clients.

We offer you:
• A nice administrative role;
• Active and friendly staff association.

What to bring:
• Mid or higher-level education or work experience within an administrative role;
• you are proficient with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook);
• you have proven to work accurately
• experience with and interest in ERP software packages
• experience with and interest in working with electronic records;
• being familiar with process-based working (improving processes is a plus);
• excellent command of the English language in word and writing.