Technical Assistant – Drilling

May 30, 2024
Application ends: July 27, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilities :
  • Provide efficient and effective technical service, including updating and maintaining key records, documentation, and databases in a timely manner (e.g., travel schedule and timesheets of the drilling team, purchase orders from the drilling department, official letters).
  • Assist technical staff (Engineers) in preparing various documents related to cost of services: PRs, POs, SRs, SOs in the SAP system.
  • Monitor and create drilling projects (WBS) on SAP PS module, including creating networks and network activities (SR/PR/Material Reservation) and following up on documentation.
  • Create drilling material reservations (SIR) in SAP based on well consumption and coordinate with HBR Logistics Team regarding material reservations and data for material returns.
  • Create PO subcontract in SAP for drilling fabrication, assembly, and modification works performed by contractors and coordinate with HBR Logistics Team.
  • Prepare documents and official letters to submit to authorities or partners, such as “Drilling Program”, “Monthly Canvas”, and “EOWR”, and coordinate their submission, recording, and registration.
  • Maintain the drilling database, create the standard well file structure for individual wells, and save daily drilling reports.
  • Maintain and track ‘Lessons Learnt’ templates, non-conformance, NPT spreadsheets, well operation summaries, and other technical tracking as requested by the drilling team.
  • Assist in compiling data for the End of Well Report.
  • Serve as the department focal point for contract administration.
Candidate Requirements:
  • Diploma from vocational school or secretarial college, or bachelor’s degree in business administration, engineering, arts, or a related field.
  • Strong administrative skills with the ability to work with minimal supervision, understanding key issues, and managing them accordingly to meet deadlines.
  • Good knowledge of SAP master data and transactional data, including project systems objects, work breakdown structures, and project networks, as well as integration with other modules like MM, FI/CO.
  • Ability to multitask within a dynamic workplace with a good attitude and service-minded approach.
  • Excellent proficiency in English and French.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent computer skills (MS Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook).