Superviseur certifié 8DA10, Switchgear GIS 33kV

Application ends: March 25, 2023

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Job Description

Protection against environmental influences
The single-pole enclosed high-voltage part of the switchgear
is suitable for applications under aggressive ambient conditions, such as:
• Saline air
• Air humidity
• Dust
• Condensation.
It is tight to ingress of foreign objects, such as
• Dust
• Pollution
• Small animals.
The application is independent of the site altitude.
Compact design
Thanks to the use of gas insulation, compact dimensions
are possible.
• Existing switchgear rooms can be used effectively
• New constructions cost little
• Costly city-area space is saved.
Maintenance-free design
Switchgear housings designed as sealed pressure systems,
maintenance-free switching devices and enclosed cable plugs
• Maximum supply reliability
• Personnel safety
• Sealed-for-life design according to IEC 62271-200
(sealed pressure system)
• Reduced operating costs
The use of digital secondary systems and combined
protection and control devices ensures:
•Clear integration in process control systems
•Flexible and highly simplified adaptation to new system
conditions and thus to cost-efficient operation.
Service life
Under normal operating conditions, the expected service life
of gas-insulated switchgear 8DA/B is at least 35 years, probably 40 to 50 years, taking the tightness of the enclosed
high-voltage part into account. The service life is limited by
the maximum number of operating cycles of the switching
devices installed:
•For circuit-breakers, according to the endurance class
defined in IEC 62271-100
•For three-position disconnectors and earthing switches,
according to the endurance class defined in IEC 62271-102.
Personal safety
•Safe-to-touch and hermetically sealed primary enclosure
•All high-voltage parts including the cable terminations,
busbars and voltage transformers are metal-enclosed
•Capacitive voltage detecting system to verify safe
isolation from supply
•Operation is only possible with closed switchgear enclosure
•Standard degree of protection IP65 for all high-voltage
parts of the primary circuit, IP3XD for the switchgear
enclosure according to IEC 60529
•High resistance to internal arcs by single-pole enclosure
of the primary circuit
•Panels tested for resistance to internal faults up to 40 kA
•Logical mechanical interlocks prevent maloperation
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•Make-proof earthing by means of the vacuum circuit-breaker.
Security of operation
•Hermetically sealed primary enclosure protects against
environmental effects (pollution, humidity and small
•Maintenance-free in an indoor environment according
to IEC 62271-1
•Two-phase and three-phase short-circuits between the
primary conductors are excluded by the single-pole
primary enclosure
•In isolated or compensated systems, low-current
earth-fault currents are self-extinguishing
•Operating mechanisms of switching devices accessible
outside the primary enclosure (switchgear housings)
•Metal-enclosed, plug-in inductive voltage transformers
mounted outside the primary enclosure
•Ring-core current transformers, mounted outside the
primary enclosure, not subjected to dielectric stress
•Complete switchgear interlocking system with logical
mechanical interlocks
•Bolted switchgear housings sealed for life
•Minimum fire load
•Option: Aseismic design.
•Type and routine-tested
•Standardized, NC production processes
•Quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001,
DIN EN ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001

• Single-pole enclosure of the primary part by modular
switchgear housings made of corrosion-resistant
aluminum alloy
• Insulating gas SF6 (fluorinated greenhouse gas in sealed
pressure system according to IEC 62271-1)
Alternatively, up to 12 kV, insulating gas Clean Air
(consisting of the natural elements of the ambient air)
• Three-position disconnector as busbar disconnector
and feeder earthing switch
• Make-proof earthing by means of the vacuum circuit- breaker
• Compact dimensions due to gas insulation
• Single-pole metal-enclosed, gas-insulated busbars
• Cable connection with inside-cone plug-in system, or for
connection of gas-insulated and solid-insulated bars
• Wall-standing or free-standing arrangement
• Installation and extension of existing switchgear at both
ends without modification of existing panels.
• According to IEC 62271-200
• Three-position disconnector can only be operated with
circuit-breaker in OPEN position
• Circuit-breaker can only be operated with three-position
disconnector in end position and operating lever removed.
Modular design
• Replacement of the panel connection housings or
the circuit-breaker possible without interrupting busbar
• Low-voltage compartment removable, plug-in bus wires.
Instrument transformers
• Current transformers not subjected to dielectric stress
• Metal-enclosed, plug-in and disconnectable voltage

Vacuum circuit-breaker
• Maintenance-free under normal ambient conditions
according to IEC 62271-1
• No relubrication or readjustment
• Vacuum interrupters sealed for life
• Up to 10,000 operating cycles (maintenance-free)
• Option: Up to 30,000 operating cycles
(maintenance required).
Secondary systems
• Protection, measuring and control equipment
• Option: Numerical multifunction protection relay
with integrated protection, control, communication,
operating and monitoring functions
• Can be integrated in process control systems.