Subsea Structures & Hardware Lead Engineer

January 29, 2024
Application ends: March 29, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilitites :

  • Review and ratify the Design Proposals from the Alliance (Design proposals include Basis of Design, Flow
    Specifications, Procedures, Calculation Notes, & MTOs).
  • Ensure that Design proposals from the Alliance meet the requirements and expectations of the various
    Exhibits in the FEED Contract.
  • Ensure implementation in his/her own discipline of all HSE and QC requirements and report to SPS Lead
    on any deviation.
  • Facilitate approval for Subsea Structures & Tie-in Systems related documentation, consolidating
    comments from within SPS
    Team and form other Company Packages leading up to their final approval.
  • Participate in the engineering review of other packages design documents which have an interface to
    the Subsea Structures
    & Tie-in Systems equipment
  • Evaluate the workload of Subsea Structures & Tie-in Systems Package and identify, as necessary,
    additional resources or the
    means required to meet Contract objectives to the SPS Lead.
  • Liaise with Company Specialists within the various technical departments in HQ to ensure Design
    proposals from the Alliance
    meet the requirements of the Company specifications.
  • Actively follow-up the Alliance actual progress against all planned engineering activities required for
    completion of the Subsea
    Structures & Tie-in Systems equipment. Ensure that the Alliance are focused on meeting their
  • Initiate and manage weekly progress meetings with the Alliance and provide weekly and monthly
    reports to SPS Lead.
  • Review and manage the resources and organization of the Alliance, identifying that they are adequate
    (and competent) for
    achieving the discipline works
  • Manage the interface with other disciplines in the Project to ensure cross-package and inter-contract
    compliance. Ensure that
    any cost and / or schedule changes to agreed designs emanating from or impacting the Subsea Structures
    & Tie-in Systems
    equipment are identified. Highlight such changes, providing assistance to quantify the cost and schedule
    impact to the SPS
  • Expedite the timely disposition of Deviations/ Derogation requests as they effect the Subsea Structures
    & Tie-in Systems.
  • Participate in/organize any technical or co-ordination meeting necessary to fulfil the job responsibilities.
  • Coordinate the Lessons Learned to be developed for the Subsea Structures & Tie-in Systems.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Close-out Report for the Subsea Structures & Tie-in Systems.