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Application ends: July 9, 2024

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Job Description


• Perform troubleshooting and maintenance activities for BSS (BaseStation Subsystem) Products deployed in railway environments.

• Prepare Root Cause Analysis (RCA) reports for complex issues pertaining toBSS Network Elements and Radio Commander Server.

• Conduct competence transfer sessions and provide orientation to bothcustomers and teams.

• Provide configuration and operational support for BSS & NMSProducts.

• Conduct logs analysis, prepare Method of Procedure (MOP) documents, perform health checks, and monitor performance of the BSS network.

• Experience in Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization is highly desirable.

• Utilize test tools such as Site Master and Protocol Analyzer for diagnostic purposes.

• Previous work experience with GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway) is highly preferred.

Candidate Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant technical field or equivalent practical experience.

• Demonstrated expertise in troubleshooting and maintaining BSS Products.

• Strong analytical skills with the ability to prepare detailed RCA reports.

• Excellent communication skills for conducting competence transfer sessions and interacting with stakeholders.

• Proficiency in configuration management and operational support.

• Experience with logs analysis, MOP preparation, and performance monitoring.

• Familiarity with RAN optimization techniques is advantageous.

• Knowledge of test tools like Site Master and Protocol Analyzer.

• Previous experience with GSM-R networks is highly desirable.