Structural Technical Coordinator

June 27, 2024
Application ends: August 27, 2024

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Job Description

Responsibilities :
  • Develop strategic plans for technical project aspects to align with overall project objectives.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define project scope, objectives, and deliverables.
  • Anticipate potential technical challenges and devise proactive solutions to mitigate risks.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation and improvement in construction methodologies and processes.
  • Assist in developing project budgets and cost estimates for technical components.
  • Monitor project expenditures related to technical requirements and ensure adherence to budget constraints.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities and value engineering solutions while maintaining quality standards.
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance on construction methodologies, engineering designs, and specifications.
  • Review and approve technical drawings, calculations, and documentation to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and project standards.
  • Coordinate with engineering teams, architects, and consultants to resolve technical issues and optimize project performance.
  • Stay updated on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies relevant to construction.
  • Review and approve technical queries to consultants/clients.
  • Chair technical workshop meetings with all related subcontractors to discuss technical issues and progress.
  • Attend progress meetings and report technical progress with clear schedules and pictorial status.

Candidate Requirements


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Construction Management, or a related field. Advanced degree preferred.


  • Professional Engineer (PE) license preferred.
  • Relevant certifications in construction management, project management, or technical specialties are advantageous.


  • Minimum of 10 – 20 years of experience in technical roles within the construction industry.


  • Strong strategic planning and risk management abilities.
  • Proven financial management skills, including budgeting and cost-saving initiatives.
  • Extensive technical expertise in construction methodologies, engineering designs, and specifications.
  • Ability to review and approve technical documentation for compliance and standards.
  • Experience coordinating with multidisciplinary teams to resolve technical issues.
  • Knowledge of industry trends and emerging technologies in construction.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills for effective collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Excellent documentation and record-keeping skills.
  • Proficiency in project scheduling and milestone development.
  • Ability to manage procurement processes and source technical materials and equipment.