Software Engineer

July 28, 2022
Application ends: October 28, 2022
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Job Description

Duties and responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for software product BSS delivery: Technical delivery solution review, technical solution implement, technical issue handling and so on.
2. Be responsible for the integration planning and design of project delivery, output of the integration delivery solution, including the deployment solution, configuration solution, test solution, data migration solution, training solution, cutover solution, and acceptance solution, and be responsible for the solution deliverability
3. Manages technical risks and issues during project delivery, and provides closed-loop management of issues related to product solutions and service delivery solutions
4. Be responsible for the development of the technical capabilities of the team.
Particular combination of skills:
– At least 5 years work experience for software BSS (Business Support System) domain. Have delivery experience in at least one software project as a TD.
– Have successful case to design and organize a big campaign.
– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
– Good team spirit and adaptability.
– Ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic environment.
– Ability to work on multiple tasks at the same time and prioritize them accordingly.