Sales Administration and Logistics/ Supplier

February 24, 2023
Application ends: May 25, 2023

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Job Description


  • Enter and follow customer orders, create and follow quotation, create costing (on our system information).
  • Complete the Acknowledgment order.
  • Update delays in the customer information system.
  • Follow the stock and consult it during the order registration.
  • Take control of customer progress requests, relaunch production/scheduling if necessary.
  • Complete OTD (ON TIME DELIVERY) reconciliations.
  • Regular points with the customer.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Good relationship.
  • Be organized.
  • Mastery advanced of the Office Suite.
  • Mastery of computer tools (ERP).
  • Good interpersonal skills (internal and external).
  • Ability to read and interpret internal and external documents.
  • Know how to work in an emergency.
  • Ability to manage priorities and deadlines.
  • Speak and read Fluent French / English and Arabic (just speak Arabic)
  • Knowledge of the petroleum sector would be a plus.