Sales Administration Advisor

November 10, 2022
Application ends: February 10, 2023

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Job Description

You will be involved in the following activities:

-Creation and administration of customers
-Contract processing and administration within the ERP
-Complete processing of the project sheet for customer orders within the ERP system
-Opening and management of customer access through the administration tool
-Invoicing and issuance of customer credit notes
-Monitoring of services project financial results
-Follow-up and monitoring of services project achievements
-Respond to financial and contractual requests
-Review of sales contracts, and identification of administrative and financial clauses
-Collaboration and intermediary with teams in Englishinternationally (Sales, Accounting, PM, Support, etc)
-Monitoring, analysis, and document management: managing the filing and archiving process


Education and experience:

-Fluent in English
-French and other languages appreciated
-3 years of Sales Administrationand/or accounting experience appreciated
-Experience in a similar position or with similar requirements,
-Experience in a multinational environment
-Experience using an ERP or other similar software
-Ease using Excel
-Technical accounting and contractual knowledge