April 2, 2024
Application ends: June 2, 2024

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Job Description


  • Managing and updating the Railway Safety Management System.
  • Monitoring and controlling the risks of railway activity.
  • Establish risk reduction measures, define corrective measures, and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Information management related to the investigation and causes of accidents with the competent authorities.
  • Incidents analysis, impact on safety and specific regulations.
  • Manage and participate in the investigation of the Inquiry Report Processes.
  • Statistical analysis to detect incidences and potential risk factors for the activity.
  • Managing, updating, and disseminating legislation and regulations applicable to the activity.
  • Monitoring trains actions, maneuvering, loading, and unloading.


  •  Paris/France


  • Academic qualifications: engineering or similar.
  • Professional experience: more than 3 years of experience.