Radio Optimization Engineer

January 25, 2023
Application ends: April 25, 2023

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Job Description

The optimization Engineer will perform the optimization activities as per manager directives in order to secure site KPI acceptance as specified in the contract with our customer and within agreed SLA.
Main activities:
•Daily monitoring of the radio network quality for the sites under responsibility, through network performance statistics.
•Conduct neighboring relation Analysis and Optimization for the sites under rollout.
•Conduct frequency/SC/PCI planning implementation and tuning activities.
•Mastering Tuning activities.
•Features/Trial Implementation.
•Analysis and adjustments of all radio related parameters on Cell levels.
•May conduct Site visits to approve, modify or reject Hardware changes.
•Coordinates and Perform drive test analysis for troubleshooting or acceptance purpose.
•Customer complain handling related to sites under rollout.

The optimization Engineer is the responsible person for the site or area defined by the manager.
Main Responsibilities
•Responsible for all tuning tasks and achieves the Target KPIs for the sites he/she is responsible.
•Radio tuning of 2G/3G/4G sites with strong focus on troubleshooting and KPIs improvement.
•Analysis of KPIs, L3 signaling procedures and improvement of network quality and capacity problems.
•Providing required reports internally or towards customer.
•Required to assist Special Event planning and provide remote and/or on-site support.
•Required to assist feature/Trial implementation and provide remote and/or on-site support.
•Daily monitoring of the radio performance and identifying the Problematic sites that are still under rollout responsibility.
•Assuring fully integration of newly integrated sites into the ON-Air environment with acceptance (KPI and/or DT).
•Coordinating of all types of Drive test in his region.
•Analysis and adjustments of cell parameters, including frequency/SC/PCI plan,
•Handling radio-related customer complains related to sites under rollout.