Project Control Manager

May 25, 2023
Application ends: August 23, 2023

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Job Description


  • Understanding of current national and European legislation for working at heights.
  • Recognizing the hazards when working at height.
  • Understanding basic concepts such as Work/Travel Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, main and backup safety point, SWL – WLL – SF, etc.
  • Knowledge about systems and fall arrest devices, lanyards, energy absorbers, anchor points, and mobile anchor devices.
  • Pre-use inspection, fitting, and adjustment of the PFPE. The hazards and risks associated with the incorrect use of PFPE.
  • Calculation of the potential fall distance.
  • Safe use of fixed ladders, permanent and temporary lifelines, and self-retracting lifelines.
  • Basic knowledge about rope rigging and mechanical advantage using pulley systems.
  • Lifting operations using ropes and pulleys.
  • Basic rope maneuvers with two independent ropes such as:
    • Ascending, descending, passing re-belays, passing knots on ropes, passing rope protection, passing deviations, rope to rope transfer, etc.
    • Vertical and horizontal aid climbing using personal PFPE and equipment.
    • Rescue techniques from ropes, height workplaces, and confined spaces.
  • Reference to Suspension Trauma and first aid protocols and the procedures to be followed.
  • Rescue and Evacuation procedures from height workplaces, towers, and confined spaces using ropes and typical rescue kits.