Project Construction Portfolio Manager

November 27, 2022
Application ends: February 27, 2023

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Job Description

Main responsabilities :

•Organize the, Project Execution Reviews according to REN project “gating” rules,
•Project’s technical development and execution oversight (costing and energy potential assessment, project audits, …),
•Support to the industrial set-up / EPC Contractor due diligence and selection
•Project execution strategy (PMT, planning, etc)
•Deployment of methods, tools and best practices in project development and execution, in line with the Company and industry HSE and quality standards,
•The implementation of all necessary project execution tools throughout the E, P and C phases according to GRP/REN Project Execution methodology, enforcing the implementation of an effective project control culture
•Regional coordination (with the Company or REN regional entity on a given geography) when necessary.
•Coordinate projects involving multiple Business entities (e.g. solar, wind and storage)
•Validates the team structure anticipated for Project Execution
•Approves the hiring of key staff for Project Execution,
•Support technical due diligence in the case of asset acquisitions.
•Deployment of methods, tools and best practices in project development, in line with the Group and industry HSE and quality standards,
•Ensure that REX reference guidelines, tools and methods for project development , project execution,O&M are properly shared between the various regional TERI entities and Lessons Leant workshops are carried out with project’s team and EPC Contractor at project start,
•Prescribe and actively participates to the establishment of the company new organization for renewable,storage and hybrid projects .
•Actively participates to the establishment of REN scale-up, in particular in relation to its new Industry department and operations management & control topics.
•Actively contribute in coordination with the project to the upskilling development program of internal training cursus and coaching to facilitate integration of Oil & Gas profiles collaborators within renewable power, hybrid or energy storage projects

Technical Requirements:
•Advanced renewables and solar systems expertise (MANDATORY),
•Present strong Project Control exposure and culture
•Project Management with advanced expertise in managerial responsibilities in developing and executing large energy projects
•Diplomacy and strong communication skills, with the ability to represent REN in front of third parties,