PPS Supervisors and Technicians N2 pump operators

April 28, 2023
Application ends: July 27, 2023

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Job Description

Acknowledge on the following :
•NPU Membrane Pump
•LN2 Nitrogen Pump
•Hydro jetting
•Lube oil flushing
•The technician is able to perform directly and to supervises the installation, the electrical and pneumatic connection, the calibration of all kind of instruments
•of Technical Production Engineer.
•Good experience in LV system and equipment such as motor,
•heater, panels, batteries, etc.
•He is also familiar with supporting and assisting the control
•engineer for the start up of machinery and plants.
•Electrical & Instrument Engineer.
•installation of instruments; check the calibration; and
•junction boxes; draw cable instrumentation and test of continuity and megger; loop
•test. and the cabinets of MCC and BOP
•mark VIe ; EX 2100; LCI; GPP in the Site of Naama 3*400 MW
•turbine frame 9FA ; pre-commissioning and commissioning .