Office Support

May 1, 2023
Application ends: August 1, 2023

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Job Description

• Receives and distributes communications; collects and mails correspondence
• Copies and stores important documents and records.
• Maintains inventory of office supplies and anticipates supply needs; ensures prompt ordering and receipt of supplies and delivers supplies to workstations as needed.
• Provides office communications support by fielding calls, answering questions, forwarding messages
• Maintains equipment by completing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting failures, calling for repairs and monitoring equipment operation
• Maintains order by cleaning and tiding the office.
• Basic office skills
• Written and verbal communication skills
• Microsoft Office software skills
• Telephone skills
• Typing and word processing skills
• Documentation skills
• Dependability and professionalism
• Attention to detail
• Administrative writing and reporting skills
• High school diploma
• One to two years of office assistant experience
• BA or master’s degree in business / Management/Advertising or equivalent degree / diploma
• Proven relationship management skills
• Retail banking/Cards marketing / Payments / B2B experience an advantage
• Excellent performance in marketing management (10-12+ years’ experience in Marketing)
• Bilingual (English & Arabic languages) is a plus.
• Effective Presentation skills