Network Management System Engineer

October 13, 2023
Application ends: January 13, 2024

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Job Description


  • Applying and keep tracking the MDT/TCN/TMS on daily or hourly basis
  • Updating the MDT to all NI and Prelaunch team on daily basis
  • Applying PKI whitelist for any new System Modules
  • Applying ticket for any raised issues from NI team towards OSS/MS team
  • Site Creation for 2G/3G based on RF data, as well as implementing Neighbors for the site
  • Daily provide GDC team the data or backup/dump for expansion activities
  • On-airing the 2G/3G/LTE/5G collaboration with field team
  • Integrate the site or technology to the OSS which include uploading and renaming as per design.
  • Announcing any new site or technology to the PM and PL team
  • Software upgrade
  • Site or technology expansion or modernization remotely either manually or via script
  • Implementing XML for site rectification or expansion as per required
  • Site troubleshooting either remotely or collaboration with field team to clear the alarm or any pending issue for acceptance
  • Remotely site configuration change to support IP/MPLS expansion
  • Providing sum of snapshot to PAT team as part of NSP (Network Service Provider) required acceptance

Candidate Requirements:

  • Knowledge in site commissioning of 2G,3G,LTE,5G technologies
  • Knowledge of site structure in terms of hardware modules and IP transport
  • Hands on OSS application and topology