Mechanical supervisor

April 18, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


  • Material Handling Supervision: Supervise the unloading of equipment and supplies on-site.
  • Material Distribution: Oversee the distribution of materials and supplies to the work area.
  • Piling Operations: Implement piling operations according to project requirements.
  • Assembly and Mounting: Assemble and mount metal support structures for solar panels.
  • Panel Installation: Perform panel installation tasks as per project specifications.


  • Subcontractor Mobilization Assistance: Assist in mobilizing subcontracting companies for PV assembly.
  • Equipment and Machinery Mobilization Assistance: Aid in mobilizing associated equipment and machinery.
  • Documentation Control: Review assembly plans, material lists, and packing lists.
  • Site Quality Management: Implement the Site Quality Plan for the PV assembly lot.
  • Quality Control Reports: Generate quality control reports for mechanical PV assembly works.
  • Compliance Certificates: Prepare compliance certificates for installation as per client and supplier requirements.
  • HSE Plan Implementation: Assist in implementing the Health, Safety, and Environment plan.
  • Progress Monitoring: Measure the progress of mechanical PV assembly activities.
  • Non-Conformity Management: Identify and address non-conformities and deficiencies in mechanical PV assembly.
  • Site Planning Assistance: Assist in planning mechanical PV assembly activities and defining action plans for deviations from planned progress.
  • Contract Management Assistance: Provide technical assistance in managing subcontractor contracts and claims.
  • Meeting Minutes and Reports: Draft meeting minutes and mission reports for internal, client, and supplier meetings.
  • Documentation Development: Develop procedures, instructions, and tools for the quality system.
  • As-Built Plans: Collect annotated site plans for the creation of as-built plans.

Technical Assistance Specifics:

  • Authorizations: H0V B0V required.
  • Document Languages: French and English.