Mechanical Engineer 

May 29, 2024
Application ends: July 27, 2024

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Job Description

  • Supervise, control, interpret, and inspect welding work on surface installations of wells, collections, services, manifolds, CTH, CPF piping, and other field-level installations.
  • Prepare WPS welding procedures and approve PQR welding processes.
  • Monitor PQR test specimens in approved laboratories.
  • Pre-qualify contractor welders and definitively qualify welders on construction sites.
  • Collaborate with regulatory bodies (ARH, DME, CTC) and laboratories for file submissions, test delegation requests, and mechanical test minutes.
  • Conduct effective on-site weld control, interpret x-ray films, and sign reports.
  • Oversee welding and control work and monitor coating inspection work (polyken, rayken, paints, etc.).
  • Verify and sign the welding and control notebooks and files of contractors.
  • Verify and control technical files related to welding or non-destructive testing, including preliminary and final technical files for sub-projects and projects.
  • Control and monitor the taking of tubular or other material from the owner’s and contractor’s stores, and oversee transfer operations and storage.
  • Control and monitor heat treatment operations.
  • Ensure compliance with and improvement of the company’s HSE policy.
  • Prepare work authorizations and site reports, and update the project database, specifications, and standards.
Candidate Requirements:
  • Degree in a relevant field.
  • Experience in welding supervision, control, and inspection in the oil and gas industry.
  • Proficiency in preparing and approving WPS welding procedures and PQR welding processes.
  • Experience working with regulatory bodies and laboratories for welding-related tasks.
  • Ability to effectively control on-site welds and interpret x-ray films.
  • Knowledge of coating inspection work and welding-related technical files.
  • Proficiency in monitoring heat treatment operations.
  • Strong understanding of HSE policies and procedures.
  • Excellent reporting and documentation skills.
  • Familiarity with oil and gas operations requirements and procedures in Algeria.
  • Proficiency in French and English.