HSE Supervisor

May 20, 2024
Application ends: July 20, 2024

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Job Description

  • Implement and adhere to the HSE plan and applicable documents within the team and among contractors.
  • Complete the HSE section of the monthly report and submit it to the project engineer by the end of each month, following the HSE plan and client standards.
  • Track actions from the HSE review for construction and operation phases.
  • Attend the weekly construction team meeting led by the project engineer, including a safety briefing to discuss issues and challenges encountered.
  • Manage the stock of PPE on site.
  • Establish tools in accordance with the HSE plan and requests.
  • Record and manage HSE activities on site in various summary registers of actions conducted by our client.
  • Update the Safety dashboard implemented on sites.
  • Collect working hours from contractors and their subcontractors.
  • Interface with the HSE teams of the operator.
Prevention Plan or PGCSPS and Safety Inductions:
  • Participate in VIC or preliminary visits for the PDP or PGCSPS of contractors.
  • Gather and verify documents from contractors required for the PDP or PGCSPS.
  • Review all risk analyses issued by contractors before each PDP.
  • Ensure the implementation of actions from the Prevention Plans.
  • Analyze and verify the safety aspects of operational methods of companies.
  • Coordinate with the operator the review of MODOPs related to critical activities (Lifting, Excavation, Lead/Asbestos, etc.).
  • Conduct safety inductions for all individuals entering the sites for work and record all related documents.
  • Ensure the validation of certificates required during the safety induction (Medical visit, SST, and renewal dates for safety induction).
Construction Phase Management and HSE Animation:
  • Conduct at least one daily site visit and document one visit per week as an audit.
  • Monitor the application of site procedures and operational methods related to safety and report any observed non-compliances.
  • Ensure the delivery of toolbox talks by companies to their staff or subcontractors.
  • Occasionally attend companies’ safety briefings before work begins.
  • Verify safety protocols for loading and unloading operations in accordance with the decree of 20/04/96.
  • Promote safety on sites (producing toolbox talks, safety flashes, reminders, safety challenges, setting up safety displays, etc.).
  • Produce at least four toolbox talks and two flashes monthly on themes relevant to the sites or events.
  • Challenge companies on meeting HSE animation objectives (safety minutes/work start, safety talks, HSE audits).
  • Encourage information feedback from contractors and manage safety observation forms issued by all stakeholders.
  • Prepare a daily report of activities, including actions taken for safety.
  • Assist in preparing various permits (lockout, fire permit, excavation permit, etc.).
  • Immediately alert the site manager and project manager in case of accidents/incidents.
  • Participate in near-miss and accident investigations.
  • Prepare and attend the monthly HSE committee meeting with the project owner.
  • Prepare and attend the expanded HSE committee meeting with contractors.
  • Organize and lead the safety challenge.
Expected Deliverables:
  • Monthly HSE activity report.
  • Implementation of tools in accordance with the HSE plan.
  • Update of the Safety dashboard.
  • Daily site visit reports.