FPSO Project Controls Manager

November 29, 2022
Application ends: March 1, 2023

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Job Description


•To fully comply with security rules when travelling in ANGOLA or between sites outside of ANGOLA
•To fully comply with security rules when travelling abroad in Southeast Asia or Europe for FAT or missions.
•To complete necessary trainings as set by affiliate/project plan (to be provided and tracked by B20&21 PROJECT HSE Manager)
•To attend monthly HSE site meeting
•To fully comply with site security, health and safety instructions and to stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings
•To report any issue/anomalies (using system in place in the facility) and to make use of TOTAL STOP WORK policy as necessary
•To contribute to the promotion of the relevant TOTAL 12 golden rules for the site and to complete required HSE training
•To ensure subordinates comply with/implement all above bullet points
•To ensure Project package is efficiently controlled with regards to progress monitoring, equipment delivery, processing and payments of invoices, cost reporting, detailed engineering documentation administration, FPSO package reporting, commercial matters all in line with the T&Cs of the contract and instruction from Project PMT, as well as general administration
•To efficiently manage the Project Control team, closely monitoring and supporting the tasks of subordinates
•To realign subordinates’ objectives with FPSO package as necessary
•To promote rigor in rationale (validation and completeness of information before starting work is paramount) and creativity in solutions, but to challenge if the work is not completed to satisfaction
•To ensure subordinates communicate freely and efficiently within the SPS package, with other Project packages, PMT, affiliate and COMPANY HQ in the execution of their tasks as their job/service description

•To ensure subordinates will grow their expertise, experience and working skills during the execution of the Project, will benefit from other’s expertise and experience and will share their ones
•To monitor progress (PRIMAVERA) on a weekly and monthly basis
•To follow up delivery of equipment and ensure that relevant interim certificates (when the conditions are met) are dully signed
•To control invoices (progress, milestones, reimbursable, COs, team mission expenses) and to process them through UNISUP system
•To log contract execution expenditures and report to PMT
•To forecast payments accordingly with Contract and to prepare Package Budget S-curve, to compare performed vs planed and share report with FPSO Package manager and PMT
•To administrate detailed engineering documentation, transmittal from/to contractor, PMT and affiliate (through PRODOM) and to monitor COMPANY responses are in line with contract set time frame
•To prepare FPSO project activities report PMT
•To challenge contractor COR to the benefit of the COMPANY (however in fairness)
•To manage exchange with Project HR with regards to FPSO package manpower plan
•To liaise with partners (SONANGOL) to ensure validation of change order prior to launch execution (in collaboration with FPSO Technical Lead and In-Country Project Lead and with support of Contract Engineer
•To manage general administrative FPSO package matters
•To close out COMPANY audit reviews
•To attend Project Package monthly meeting
•To report FPSO Package Control activities to FPSO Package Manager
•To work closely with all other COMPANY team members and contractor counterparts to ensure correct information is transmitted and fully aligned
•To maintain a good and respectful working attitude and good team spirit
Required Qualifications and Background
•Confirmed Engineer, or equivalent, with advanced expertise in Oil & Gas projects in Project Controls and contracts;
•Strong team spirit, field proven coordination and communication skills and recognized capability to work in a transverse mode;
•Problem solving mindset and solution driven attitude;