FPSO Hull Mooring Engineer

September 19, 2023
Application ends: December 19, 2023

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Job Description


  • HSE: Demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regards to HSE, Implement HSE requirements within the Marine Systems area.
  • Engineering: Supervise and approve the mooring engineering related activities performed by the EPSCC Contractor and its subcontractors.
  • Oversee and review model testing activities for including preparation of test specification, evaluation of test facility proposals. Attend model test as company representative, evaluates test results and reconciles data with hydrodynamic analysis.
  • Oversee and review mooring strength analysis, mooring fatigue analysis and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for equipment and hull local structures.
  • Oversee and review design mooring activities for design conditions, and verifies the compatibility of the mooring and hydrodynamic loads with other interfacing disciplines, e.g. SURF.
  • Oversee and review the mooring design including its installation philosophy.
  • Oversee and review the riser design including its pull-in and installation procedure.
  • Oversee and review the riser installation tests at the shipyard.
  • Oversee and review mooring equipment design and specification.
  • Oversee and review mooring equipment fabrication and delivery.
  • Oversee and review plans for transport of the mooring equipment to Angola and shipyards, including loadouts.
  • Oversee and review the procedures for the installation of the mooring system.
  • Oversee and review the procedures for the FPSO hook up of the mooring system.
  • Offshore attendance on the installation vessel to monitor and supervise the installation and hook up.
  • Timely review and comment engineering documents and consolidate comments related to the mooring system deliverables.
  • Liaise with other engineering specialist(s) and other stakeholders as required.
  • Oversee and review Classification Approval for the mooring system.
  • Oversee and review the mooring system construction activities are compliant with the design.
  • During execution, create and manage related site queries (SQs), technical queries (TQs), Nonconformance Reports (NCRs).
  • Promptly respond to engineering clarifications, request for deviations and unexpected technical issues, by a proactive and proficient approach.
  • Ensure proper reporting, highlighting critical issues to the Hull Management team and proposing remedial actions.
  • The service holder shall manage the supervision and approval of the activities related to the mooring system carried out by the EPSCC contractor, focusing on the successful and timely execution of the project.

Candidate Rrequirements:

  • Advance Expertise in Naval Architect/ Mooring engineering activities in Oil & Gas projects
  • Rigorous and solution orientated expertise to task completion
  • Organization, communication, leadership and transverse coordination expertise for task completion
  • Languages of the service: English mandatory, Portuguese preferred