FPSO Contract Engineer

November 28, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


  • HSE tasks:
    • Demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regards to HSE.
    • Implement HSE requirements within the Contract Administration area.
  • Organizational tasks:
    • Assist the FPSO Contract Lead and FPSO Project Control Manager as required.
    • Liaise and regularly communicate with the Affiliate entities as required.
  • Engineering tasks: Coordinate with FPSO Engineering team for internal contract clarifications and awareness.
  • Interfaces tasks: Assist with contractual interfaces with other project packages (SPS, SURF and Field Operations).
  • Project Management tasks:
    • Coordinate with FPSO Project Management team for internal contract clarifications and awareness.
    • Participate in internal and external FPSO weekly/monthly progress meetings.
  • Reporting & Communication tasks:
    • Assist with reporting to FPSO Contract Leader, FPSO Project Control Manager.
    • Assist with reporting within Block 20/11 as required.
    • Assist with reporting between Affiliate and Head Quarters as required.
    • Assist with interfaces with Concessionaire / Partner and participate in meetings & Committees with Partners and Concessionaire when required.
  • Contract Management tasks:
    • Contractual administration of EPSCC, O&M and Master Contract execution.
    • Draft contractual correspondence.
    • Assist with Variation Order Requests (VORs) from both Company and Contractor.
    • Assist with Variation Orders (VOs) from Company including updating of contracts as required.
    • Assist of the FPSO team with internal contract clarifications and general contractual awareness.
    • Maintain and update of contractual registers (correspondence, VO, contract deadlines).
    • Provide contractual input to project documentation as required.
    • Interface with Company internal legal and insurance departments as required.
    • Ensure the confidentiality of all the documentation produced.
  • Deliverables
    • Management of the Contract Administration activities for the FPSO package.
    • Assistance in administering of Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction and Commission Contract, Operations and Maintenance Contract and Master Contract between Company and FPSO Contractor from contract award to end of warranty period.
    • Assistance in the FPSO team in contract matters.
    • Provision of an efficient support to the overall FPSO project team.
    • Provision of final reports

Candidate Requirements:

  • Expertise in Contract Administration of Oil & Gas projects.
  • Rigorous and analytical approach to task completion
  • Organization, communication, negotiation and transverse coordination expertise for task completion
  • Language of the service: English mandatory.