Electrical Engineer

Application ends: June 3, 2024

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Job Description


• Participate to all POS & PSD equipment contractual Training to achieve highest


• Ensure safe work through respect of method statement, strict application of Permit to Work

in order to grant safe access to track, TPS/LPS buildings.

• Ensure the continuity of the power supply to all the Line by means of application of all

schedule and unscheduled maintenance in timely manner so to avoid any disruption of

service related to POS & PSD.

• To follow the instructions of the hierarchy in order to meet the service availability

• To work in and grant safe working environment through respect of method statement, strict

application of Permit to Work and Client safety rules.

• Solve technical corrective failure on POS&PSD subsystem

• Onsite intervention readiness at all time to bring Power and systems back to working state

• Support continuous improvement activities within the workshop

• Follow up reporting and configuration change rules & process by using the proper tool.

• Report with transparency

• Ensure work is performed in a safe and effective manner in accordance with the Health &

Safety at Work Act (1974), Rules and Regulations, AZDP, Railway Group Standards, TOC

Safety Case and CLIENT Policies and Procedures & Code of Ethics.

• EHS: Accountable for the proper implementation of the Client policy and Customer requirements

by all stakeholders (internal & external) including suppliers and contractors. Use and

promote Close Call Reporting.