Document Controller 

Application ends: August 13, 2024

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Job Description


  • Collaborate closely with project managers, engineers, and stakeholders to establish document control procedures, including version control, naming conventions, and file storage protocols.
  • Meticulously manage and organize project-related documents, ensuring accuracy, currency, and accessibility to relevant team members.
  • Review incoming documents meticulously, confirming adherence to established standards, formatting requirements, and completeness, while tracking changes and revisions.
  • Maintain and organize project-related documents, ensuring precision, currency, and accessibility for relevant team members.
  • Conduct thorough reviews of incoming documents to ensure conformity with established standards, adherence to formatting guidelines, completeness, and accurate tracking of changes and revisions.

Candidate requirements :

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy, ensuring correct labeling, filing, and easy retrievability of documents.
  • Expertise in document management software and systems for organizing, categorizing, and maintaining electronic and physical records.
  • Proficiency in document management software and systems, enabling efficient organization, categorization, and maintenance of records.
  • Proven history of conducting regular audits and quality inspections to ensure document integrity, completeness, and resolution of discrepancies.
  • College degree or equivalent.