Document Controller

May 31, 2024
Application ends: July 30, 2024

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Job Description

  • IP Contracts Control:
    • Ensure rigorous and responsive control of Intellectual Property (IP) contracts, including verification of amounts, layout, signatories, adherence to templates, verification of essential clauses, and billing addresses.
  • Administrative Monitoring:
    • Maintain rigorous administrative monitoring of the IP contracts portfolio for dependent files.
    • Ensure the quality of information on IP contracts entered in the IP Contracts database at all times.
  • Electronic Signatures:
    • Manage the electronic signature of IP contracts and track their status, especially in relation to the Contracts database.
    • Maintain effective communication with IP negotiators, applicants, and partners.
  • Storage and Archiving:
    • Store and archive signed IP contracts electronically according to defined procedures.
    • Ensure overall consistency with other Document Controllers.
Candidate Requirements:
  • Technical Prerequisites:
    • Expertise in administrative management.
    • Proficiency in writing and formatting documents and letters.
    • Expertise in document archiving.
    • Experience with R&D Contracts and Intellectual Property is a plus.
    • Knowledge of the international industrial sector.
    • Proficiency in IT tools, including databases and electronic signature tools.
    • Fluency in French and English.