Contract Engineer

July 17, 2023
Application ends: October 15, 2023

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Job Description


  • Delivering robust contract management with hands-on implementation and support to the HORIZON Project Management,
  • Monitor contracts and contractor’s performance and assess the effectiveness and application of the Contracts,
  • Preparation of the amendments to Contracts for Package Manager and Project Director approval,
  • Analysis contract issues
  • Prepare contract calls correspondence + enclose coordination with the package manager and with both Central control dept and Legal one.
  • Manage the Contracts administration; supervise the filing of the various Contractors Contract correspondences, prepare answers to any Contractor’s correspondence as requested by Package Manager and Project Director.
  • Follow-up of contract progress and invoicing,
  • Studies all justifications given by the Contractors, for any extra work orders or claims requests.
  • Prepares any Notices of Default for approval by Package Manager.
  • Prepares any liquidated damages applications.
  • Informs the Package Manager and Project management Team about any action, facts or decision which could be the base for a Contractor’s potential claim,
  • Follows-up of Contractors Change Order or claims, prepares claim argumentation and documents and prepares the systematic answer to any Contractor’s correspondence claim wise orientated.
  • Provides input for the Contractors performance evaluation document.

Candidate Requirements:

  • The service provider shall have experience of managing contractual aspects of EPCC contracts.
  • The expert must show strong & proven stakeholder management skills and a real ability to communicate with all levels of professionals and managers.
  • Ability and interest to work in an international, multi-cultural project environment.
  • Technical expertise and expertise of client’s rules.
  • The languages of the service are English and French.