Content Creation Specialist

June 7, 2024
Application ends: August 5, 2024

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Job Description


Support Academy Content Creation:

  • Assist in gathering information from experienced colleagues to create educational content.
  • Request specific knowledge from colleagues, such as recorded videos from experts.
  • Gather and document information in an accessible and useful way.
  • Fulfill content requests from Academy/Talent Development HQ.

Translation to Storyline:

  • Convert received information into coherent storylines.
  • Transfer gathered knowledge into engaging and informative storylines.
  • Collaborate with topic specialists and the Academy team to review and refine storylines.
  • Ensure storylines are ready for recording by trained trainers.

Translation to PowerPoint:

  • Create visual presentations to support the storylines.
  • Develop PowerPoint presentations that effectively convey the storyline.
  • Transform ideas and examples from experts into polished PowerPoint slides.

Exercise Creation:

  • Develop exercises and questions based on the received knowledge.
  • Create a first set of questions and exercises from the gathered information.
  • Discuss and refine exercises with experts for accuracy and trainers for didactic quality.

Knowledge Platform Setup:

  • Support the setup of learning journeys in the knowledge platform.
  • Assist in creating summaries and objectives for courses on SharePoint or other platforms.
  • Organize and structure the learning journey effectively.

Project Management:

  • Ensure projects are completed from start to finish despite shifting priorities.
  • Maintain focus on one topic and see it through to completion.
  • Keep track of project progress and milestones.
  • Confidently communicate with experts worldwide to ensure timely completion of tasks.
  • Manage and involve stakeholders effectively throughout the project.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Background in supply chain, understanding the basics of supply chain concepts.
  • Confident communication skills, comfortable talking to experts and requesting tasks or favors.
  • Strong project and stakeholder management skills.
  • Ability to work independently with people from around the world and report to HQ.
  • Proficiency in PowerPoint, ability to translate stories into visually appealing presentations.
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills.
  • Education: A degree in Supply Chain Management, Business, Education, or a related field.
  • Experience: 3+ years of experience in content creation, project management, or a related role.
  • Skills: Strong communication, organization, and interpersonal skills.