Civil Work Manager

July 18, 2023
Application ends: October 16, 2023

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Job Description


  • Choose the types of tools to use in the Civil Work and track the inventory of those tools.
  • Keep daily employee & subcontractors logs and monitor the conduct of each one of them.
  • Ensure that the Civil Work project complies with all safety and building regulations.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the project to come up with the budget and deliverables.
  • Establish risk factors, then manage and mitigate them to ensure the Civil Work goes on smoothly.
  • Work closely with Architects, designers and Engineers to establish the requirements for the Civil Work.
  • Liaise with local authorities to obtain licenses and permits for the project if require.
  • Prepare reports on the project for the CW part.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Having a good knowelde on Telecom mobile infrastructure.
  • Having a good knowledge in Tower CW and Tower erection.
  • Having a good knowledge in Shelter construction.
  • To be able to challenge design specifications.