Business Analyst

January 29, 2024
Application ends: March 29, 2024

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Job Description

 Interpret data using analytics, research methodologies, and statistical
 Develop and implement data analyses, leveraging collection systems
and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality
 Serve as liaison between staff and management by analyzing and
interpreting data for company procedures, policies, and workflows
 Prepare, analyze, and summarize operational results for use by various
key stakeholders, creating reports, specifications, instructions, and
 Conduct full lifecycle of analytics projects (including pulling,
manipulating, and exporting data) from project requirements
documentation to design and execution
 Evaluate key performance indicators, provide ongoing reports, and
recommend business plan updates

Candidate requirements :

 Advanced analytical skills, with experience collecting, organizing, and
disseminating abundant information accurately
 Ability to write reports
 Exceptional verbal, written, and visual communication skills