Wireless Consultant

August 1, 2022
Application ends: August 28, 2022
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Job Description

Duties and responsibilities:
Communication with inner and customer:

  • Work in OMC for integration, solution development & Verification and team management
  • Prepare the LLD/scripts according to the design;
  • Upload the latest scripts to WDT server and check with subconctractor download the latest scripts, check subconctractor feedback the commissioning/checking log by WDT,…,etc;
  • Backup site alarm/scripts/licenses,…,etc if necessary;
  • Commissioning and Integration of equipments into customer RAN network within the opeartion time window without impacting the commercial service
  • Cooperate with differenet related team(MW, Datacom, CN…etc) for alarm cleanup during and after expansion;
  • Cooperate with on-site subcontractor team for alarm clean up and make the site ready for acceptance;
  • Operation rollback if necessary;
  • Distribute licenses if necessary;
  • Integration report/logs, send daily/weekly/monthly report
  • Cooperate with subconctractors and radio team for acceptance and SSV;
    Particular combination of skills:
  • 3 years and above telecom experience
  • Have good knowledge about GSM/UMTS/LTE technology and could do LLD for BTS/BSC/RNC
  • have team management experience
  • Familiar with Base Station installation and related technical details
  • have experience about commissioning and Integration of the equipments BTS/RNC/BSC