Technical Manager E2E solution architect

May 16, 2022
Application ends: June 30, 2022
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Job Description

Duties and responsibilities

• Act as a central reference competence for the overall multi-technologies system solution design and integration process for a consortium of different companies.
• Elaborate an integration plan for an overall multi-technologies solution, produce a Connectivity and Interface Control matrix, produce integration procedures, ensure the execution of the integration plan and manage the integration reports.
• Lead and coordinate the multi-technologies technical teams in the production of all technical documentation, the technical team is composed of different solution architects and different subcontractors as described above.
• Drive the production of integrated technical instructions; integrated engineering plans, integrated technical design diagrams and the integrated solution documents.
• Detect any gap or inconsistency in the four system compounds to achieve an integrated solution system for the project and drive resolution of any discovered integration problem.
• Evaluate, and recommend systems, equipment, solutions based upon integration needs when necessary.
• Compile or drive the compilation of the overall multi-technologies system technical documentation to provide the customer with an integrated design, installation, post-installation, integration documentation.
• Drive the technical integration of an overall system design (overall multi-technologies Project) by integrating the different systems compounds of the project as described above to achieve a Critical Design Review Milestone (CDR).
• Ensure that the overall integrated overall system solution complies with the customer contractual requirements, with the selected project norms and standards, with the current regulation, and is aligned with the customer acceptance criteria.
• Coordinate and lead the development and the integration for the end-to-end testing plans and procedures based on the integrated overall system solution.
• Drive the production and the validation by the customer of the overall verification and validation (V&V) project plan.
• Conduct the overall technical Integrated System acceptance with the customer. Lead the technical analysis of Change requests. Lead the production of the technical parts of change request answers and ensure their integration into an integrated change request answer solution. Validate the technical parts of Change request approval from customer.

• 10+ years of experience in an IT and Telco network Engineering/ operations/ services delivery with experience of managing multidisciplinary/multidomain teams
• Record of successful completion of complex engineering and large-scale projects In IP/Transport and IT multivendor OSS integration.
• Very Good knowledge of the following domain areas
– Subject matter expertise on IT (DC/ Compute/storage) and multivendor OSS integration
– Subject matter expertise on IP/Transport (Routed Networks/IP MPLS/ MW and Opto Transport).
– Knowledge of Security systems: Sensors System, Vessel traffic system and Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a plus.
• Demonstrable ability to lead a multidisciplinary team of solution architects/ integrators.
• Demonstrable ability to produce technical documentation: Suppliers/vendors RFPs and Customer design/implementation doc.
• Strong Leadership Skills / Customer C level technical Management Skills
• Vendor Management and Negotiations skills
• Strong Knowledge of public procurement process.
• Fluent French both in writing and speaking