Senior Electrical Supervisor

December 14, 2021
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Role:
The candidate is responsible for overseeing staff work and ensures that employees reach weekly or monthly quotas and other production commitments. To complete the deadlines, a senior supervisor must diligently communicate with project team leaders to ensure task completion within the agreed deadline

Main Responsibilities:
Achieve call center KPI’s through effective planning, statistical analysis, and real-time monitoring of call center performance.
Manage patient financial counselor activities to ensure that uninsure patients are fully screen and receive application assistance for government Medicaid programs.
Coordinate with instillation emergency response managers to identify gaps and provide corrective actions to support CIED response protocols.
Monitor facility shipment volume, city routes and equipment utilization to provide efficient service and provide superior customer service.
Prepare and present PowerPoint briefings on implementing training, complex operation programs, and procedures.
Educate and train staff to ensure that all compliance information is implemented according to Medicaid policy standards.
Receive referrals and assign them to coordinators.
Develop budget tracking sheet to assist coordinators and regional supervisors with monitoring program expenses.

Skills & Requirements:
People Skills. …
Leadership & Inspirational Ability. …
Confidence & Decision-Making Ability. …
Strong Knowledge of Industry. …
Reliability. …
Communicative Expertise. …
Ambitious. …
Understanding & Flexible.