QA Lead Engineer

May 16, 2022
Application ends: June 29, 2022
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Job Description

QA Engineering Lead
You will be responsible for:
 supervising other quality assurance specialists:
− providing guidance, setting goals, objectives and responsibilities for the team;
− communicating a vision and a path for the team, creating solutions based on best practices;
− solving day-to-day problems;
− recruiting and mentoring new members of QA;
 working with other QA specialists on technical low-level tasks when needed:
− writing automated functional tests for the system;
− reviewing automation codes of your team members;
− sharing ideas on best practices and technical solutions with developers;
− testing features manually;
 ensuring quality of the systems and related infrastructure:
− working with developers, quality assurance specialists and other managers on process
− adhering to rules and procedures, advocating for quality matters when needed;
− interacting with infrastructure responsible or related to quality assurance, like CI/CD systems;
− planning and introducing new features into the process, e.g. testing more aspects (performance,
security, etc.);
− further automation, better test performance;
− keeping track of important quality metrics and assisting other teams in improving the overall quality
of products.
From you we expect intrinsic motivation and:
 at least 5 years of experience in testing /automated testing is a must/;
 2 years of experience in managing/leading QA team and processes;
 strong technical background in QA infrastructure and test automation / Java skills (4+ years of
coding), RestAssured, TestNG, Maven, Docker, Appium, Setting up CI/CD (Jenkins, GitLab CI and
etc), SQL, SOLID principles;
 experience working with PHP 7, Codeception and Selenium framework;
 to be familiar with code reviews and git-flow process;
 experience with test frameworks (E2E + API tests);
 people management, communicative and problem solving skills;
 analytical and systems thinking, attention to detail.