Planning Engineer

May 23, 2022
Application deadline closed.

Job Description


The service holder reports directly to the PD and/or the Project Control Manager of the Company. The service holder is the first responsible for the analysis, review and control of the project schedule and linked project control tools, ensuring the better assessment on the schedule to achieve the contractual dates.
The service holder shall ensure consistency between subcontractors and EPC contractor schedule and shall ensure EPC contractor schedule reliability

As a general manner:

• Ensures the implementation of all requirements in compliance with the client procedures and guidelines.
• Ensures the EPC Contractor’s compliance with all the Planning and Control procedures included in the EPC Contract;
• Analyze, review and approve the Project Baseline schedule, together with the Project Control Plan and different reporting tools (including KPIs files).
• Intensive review and tracking of the critical path, ensuring the EPC is properly reporting it and analyzing/allocating plans to mitigate the delays ahead of time.
• Assists to all project meetings, progress and/or discipline technical meetings with EPC Contractor; • Monitors and check the EPC Contractors’ work across each discipline to ensure the timely delivery of the works, including a detailed review of the project KPIs following the different Contractual tools to be implemented;
• Leading the review of the progress reports (daily, weekly and monthly) prepared by the EPC Contractor;
• Leading the preparation of the internal monthly report to be submitted to the different stakeholders, and reviewing it with the PD/CEO, in addition to the internal reports to TE REN.
• Provides the PD the inputs for the monthly progress reports, relevant information to check EPC Contractor invoices;
• In cooperation with the discipline Managers,
• Follows up of the actual progress versus planned values,
• Ensures that the critical activities are executed according to the schedule, and looks for opportunities to create margin within the critical path,
• Analyses the works and imposes optimizations towards the Contractor where possible,
• Evaluates and approves all recovery plan of the delayed activities to secure the overall schedule,
• Gather “Lessons Learnt” related to scheduling, progress control, reporting matters and provide feedback to TERI as required.
• Adopt and demonstrate exemplary behavior with regard H3SE and H3SE rules implementation
• Adopt and demonstrate exemplary behavior with regard to Ethics and project “code of conduct” policy
• Participate to meetings with partners, authorities and other stakeholders as required. More specifically on this project, the service holder shall ensure that, during the Construction, Commissioning and Testing phases:

1. EPC Planning Team Management properly organizes, coordinates, supervises and controls all the planning activities

2. EPC Planning Team reviews and comments subcontractors’ procedures and schedules, scheduling and progress control methodology, and monitors subcontractors’ execution schedule, checks and approves subcontractors’ progress measurement and progress reports.

3. EPC subcontractors planning are properly integrated into the EPC Project Master Schedule

4. EPC Reporting Team ensures the development of detailed and accurate weekly and monthly reports (and any other reports as required) during all phases of the Project


The Al Kharsaa project is a major project for TERI entity and Qatar authorities as being the first major PV Plant project in the country.
It is an 800MW PV Plant with a 33-220kV substation.
The Project Company, the Owner of the future PV Plant and directly managing the project, is composed of 3 shareholders where TE holds a minority share of 20%.
The construction works have started 1,5 years ago and is entering a commissioning phase. The Project Company wishes to reinforce the control of EPC Planning.