Offshore HSE Engineer

June 15, 2022
Application ends: July 15, 2022
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Job Description

The HSE engineer should have experience in offshore activities, be fluent in English
His main tasks will be as follows:
 Preparation / review of risk assessment for all activities
 Preparation of the PTW in coordination with the Project Manager and site engineers.
 Ensuring registration of personnel on Nesspoint
 Occupational Safety: Identification of hazards and assessment of risks and their communication down up to the workers’ level.
 Continuous monitoring of activities at site and implementation of safety control measures for the prevention of accidents/incidents.
 Realizing proper safety inductions, safety training and tool box talks at site.
In addition to the tasks above, the EHS engineer will be acting as OPM (Offshore platform Manager) when required.
 Loss prevention: Implementation of preventive measures against loss of materials and production through fire, theft, wastages, unsafe storage and unsafe transportation.
 Environmental safety: Taking precautions against pollution, emissions, unsafe waste management; precaution against fire and explosion; providing protection to the neighbors and public; providing control measures against natural calamities.
 Health, hygiene and welfare: Maintenance of work place hygiene, provision of necessary PPEs, provision of basic health amenities like proper and sufficient ventilation, clean and protected drinking water, first aid, rest room, furnitures, monitoring of air against SBS, toilet, transportation of men and materials, protection from excessive stress and strain for the employees at office and at site.
 HSE Reporting: Drafting necessary safety related issues; submitting returns on weekly/monthly basis; maintenance of documents from audit point of view;
updating of site safety plan through proper approval as and when required; recording of all safety indicators such as RO, RS, S3, S4, S5 etc.; Accident / Incident investigation and their reporting; carrying out internal safety audits at sites and apprising the facts to Site Manager or Top Management.