Civil Supervisor

December 16, 2021
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Role
Civil Supervisors monitor civil construction projects. They oversee activities such as building bridges, repairing highways and doing construction on airports. While Civil Supervisors may have an office, much of their time is spent on construction sites to make sure all parties involved are performing up to par.

Main Responsibilities:
Supervise Construction Activities
Civil Supervisors familiarize themselves with all aspects of the project, from structural drawings to budgets to deadlines. They make sure all parties are doing what they are supposed to do, and they carry out visual inspections of work completed. If construction affects the activity of the general public, Civil Supervisors figure out adjustments, such as rerouting traffic.
Solve Problems
From contract disputes to materials not arriving on time, Civil Supervisors handle situations as they arise to limit tensions and disruptions.
Maintain Safety and Legality
From start to finish, Civil Supervisors make sure the work being performed is structurally sound. They follow governmental regulations, address environmental issues and comply with local codes. When state and federal inspectors visit the site, Civil Supervisors may lead them around and answer questions.
Civil Supervisors act as a liaison between groups, such as carpenters and pipefitters. They also may need to provide reports to project engineers and others who monitor progress or make changes to plans.

Skills & Requirements:
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, since a civil engineering supervisor will be required to write and submit reports, proposals, and also communicate with clients, contractors, and subcontractors
Attention to detail, as this will enable a civil engineering supervisor to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks
Strong leadership and teamwork skills, since he or she will be required to lead a team of civil engineers, contractors, and subcontractors, and also work alongside them
Excellent multitasking skills, as this will enable a civil engineering supervisor to supervise several teams and activities at the same time
Good organizational and project management skills, since a civil engineering supervisor must ensure that construction projects are carried out efficiently within budget and time constraints