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HR Consultancy services and Staffing Solutions
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HR Consultancy services and Staffing Solutions

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Grow Your Company
in Saudi Arabia

Pentabell Recruitment staffing agency matches international companies with the right Talents all over the world. Working in the recruitment market for over 19 years, we go beyond the brief, to uncover what our talent seekers really need. Experts in talent acquisition, we work with unique understanding and empathy, speak your language, and understand the KSA culture and labor market.

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Careers at Pentabell
Saudi Arabia

Are you a skilled consultant seeking to advance your career or venture into new professional opportunities? So let Pentabell our Recruitment a talent acquisition company be your guiding light. With our extensive expertise in the recruitment field, we are dedicated to supporting your growth and helping you achieve your goals. Whether you are seeking challenging projects, or international exposure, Pentabell stands by your side as a reliable companion.

HR Outsourcing & Recruitment Agency

What We Do

Let our experts help you find
the best HR solutions in Dubai.

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We help you get high-skilled candidates for your company in no time , using the best recruitment methods we have.

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We provide premium Payroll Outsourincg services in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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We assist you to implement HR solutions and strategies adapted to your needs.

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We support you through out your project covering a range of interventions.

The Staffing & HR Solutions Specialists in Saudi Arabia

So whether you’re looking to recruit locally to meet Saudization targets, source international candidates from our global talent network, or streamline your company’s HR and staffing systems, you’ve come to the right place.

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International Payroll & Talent Acquisition Agency | Pentabell KSA

Why Choose Us?


Pentabell is one of the leading Recruitment and HR consulting companies in the Middle East that will help you increase the growth of your business.

With Pentabell, you will get many useful HR services such as direct recruitment, Payroll outsourcing, HR consulting and technical assistance to make your business more efficient in Dubai.

HR Expertise

Our team is composed of recruiting and human resources experts who have extensive industry experience and are able to find the best candidates to meet our clients' needs.

Personalized approach

Each company has unique recruitment needs, which is why we take a customized approach to each project and adapt our recruitment methods to provide tailored solutions.

Extended network

Through our extensive network of qualified and talented professionals, we are able to quickly find the best candidates for each position


We are always available to meet the needs of our customers, and we are committed to responding promptly to all inquiries or questions.

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Performed Missions ​
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Performed Missions
Satisfied Clients

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to meeting the goals our clients have set for us, with unwavering rigor and dedication. With our expertise and commitment to excellence. With a portfolio of over 20 major client accounts that trust us. 

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