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Entrust your Payroll management
to our experts !

Pentabell is a trusted provider of International Payroll Services, benefits, payments and HR solutions for international companies. Operating in different countries all over the world, with over 21 years of expertise as a Payroll Provider .

How does Payroll Service work?

Payroll services process pentabell
  • The relationship between Pentabell and the client companies is managed by a service contract.
  • The relationship between Pentabell and the consultant is managed by an employment contract.
  • The relationship between the consultant and the client company is defined by the requirements of the mission.
Payroll services process pentabell

Payroll Outsourcing Services : The Pentabell's approach

As an international Payroll Service Provider, we have developed a quality payroll solution in our core business sectors (Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecommunications, and Transportation) that benefits over 200 of our international clients.

The key value of our Payrolling Services is to provide you with local and optimal solutions that are managed by our Global Payroll Experts and order administration teams in one unified platform. It handles compliance and analytics on a global scale. 

Compared to a local Payroll Service Provider or a payroll aggregator, we identify scalable Payroll Solutions that are tailored to current projects or business operations.

Unlock Your Business Potential thanks
to a tailored Payrolling services

Onboard, pay, and manage your international workforce quickly and legally with Pentabell, our international Payroll Services Agency

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Time Zones

Why entrust your Payroll Management to Pentabell?

We provide you with valuable HR solutions and flexible payments to support your global expansion plan.

Our teams ensure that you are aware of the ever-changing laws and regulations, such as the 1500 new global regulations that have impacted the business world since the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

Our experienced and highly qualified HR experts work with you and help your staff reach their full potential.

We take the complexity out of local payroll and benefits and ensure that your international staff is paid on time.

Pentabell your Payroll Outsourcing ally!

Payroll On-Boarding
and Off-Boarding

As a result of our efficient on-boarding and off-boarding process in the payroll system, we have saved considerable time for various companies in 20 countries



In order to ensure regular payments, working with a reliable partner should be one of your priorities.
At Pentabell, we make sure that your employees receive their payments on time, in their local currency.


Simple and secure
Payroll Management

We have the international expertise to process complex payroll calculations correctly and without any errors.

Manage your business expansion with Pentabell,
your Payroll Service Provider

Behind every successful business is a thriving team !
Hire, pay, insure and support your employees
through our international payroll services.
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