Subcontract Administrator

mai 25, 2023
Application ends: août 23, 2023

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Job Description


  • Reporting to the Subcontract Administration Manger, he will be in charge to administer the Construction Contracts in the frame of the construction of a new Chemical Plant
  • At the start of each work arrange meetings to instruct each Subcontractor on the procedures of administration (preparation of accounting, evaluation of extra works, interim and final payment certificates, etc.)
  • Review in detail and approve the Contractor’s interim payment certificates in accordance with the Project Construction Contracts Administration Procedure, get Construction Manager signature for confirmation of work executed and issue to subcontractors the authorizations for invoicing
  • Review, in particular for the “unit prices contracts”, the accounting submitted by Contractors checking in detail quantities, correct application of unit prices (to be in accordance with the contract price list, and contract requirements), correctness of all calculations (arithmetic’s)
  • Assure that extra works, claims, back charges, penalties and close out of the contract are performed / processed in accordance with the Project Procedure
  • Ensure that the final payment certificate contains all the documentation requested by the Subcontract Administration Procedure
  • Verify and check invoices
  • Prepare and issue, regularly, the “evaluation of the contract price summary” for each contract
  • Prepare together with the Construction Manager the claims preliminary assessment and assist up to claims final settlement
  • Assist the Construction Manager in resolving disputes (if any) with contractors, about contractor’s contractual obligations, and participate, as required to the site meetings with contractors
  • Check and ensure receipt of all contract documents from Home Office
  • Ensure receipt of copy of all drawings issued for construction to be kept, properly filed, for accounting records purposes
  • Ensure that all contract and accounting documents are properly filed and in auditable conditions
  • Prepare and transmit to the Client the draft of contract amendments due to extra works, back charges, claims
  • Prepare together with the Construction Manager the Performance Evaluation of all contractors, and ensure transmission to the Home Office Coordinator of Subcontract Administration
  • Assure performance of Construction Contracts Administration activities in accordance with the Project Execution Plan and issue, when appropriate, Quality Forms in accordance with the Quality Management System instructions Skills / Qualifications