Quality Manager

août 1, 2023
Application ends: octobre 30, 2023

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Job Description


  • Defines and promotes Quality in the project,
  • Advices or instructs on Quality aspect for the entire Project part as highest Quality Authority,
  • Defines Quality Surveillance and resource allocated in the packages and different contracts,
  • Ensures QAQC certification and associated regulatory framework according to OMAN regulation Authority in the overall project,
  • Defines and be responsible for the processes of qualification for local vendors and increase the In Country Value which is a crucial activity for partner and project,
  • Calls Third Party Authority Certification service as and when required
  • Ensures the identified, mitigation of risks and opportunities are properly managed to secure the targets cost, quality, budget. Ensure a strict control of change during project execution phase to enable a proper handover to Ops.
  • Ensures conditions are met to deliver the Plant within regulatory framework according to OMAN regulation Authority. The stake on this matter is potentially the Sohar LNGB license (authorization to operate).
  • Covers/captures/mitigates the failure & rework risks induced by the non-quality into Sohar Quality Management System enabling PMT the identification of cost and planning impact,
  • Manages and motivates subordinates regarding achievement priorities and give them directions for the performance of their duties,
  • Ensures Contractors have an effective QMS in place to ensure the work is carried out in strict compliance with the technical statutory requirements in Oman and within Sohar LNGB requirements (Quality)
  • Ensures good relationships with the Partners during the whole Project duration

Candidate Requirements:

  • Professional Experience: +15 (incl. experience in Middle East as a preference)
  • Experience in similar position (years): +10 (or in management major international construction contracts)
  • Education Level / Diploma: Engineer
  • Languages: English and French (mandatory)