Maintenance officer

décembre 6, 2022
Application ends: mars 6, 2023

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Job Description

Main Scope/Responsibilitie
Execute Care services
• Provide the purchaser with experts and highly qualified technicians to ensure the Technical Assistance. To this end, the Service Supplier remains fully responsible for the human and material resources used for the proper performance of the services under this Agreement.
• Provide a detailed report of any intervention based on the nature, causes of the problem and the actions taken to solve it, as well as the duration of intervention and no later than 24 hours after the intervention. This report must be signed by Service Supplier and the Customer.
• Ensure the confidentiality of information exchanged during the execution of the Services object of this Agreement.
• Notify the purchaser 48 hours in advance before any intervention (except emergency). Notify the purchaser (by telephone) in the absence of the purchaser’s Customer representative during an intervention in a Customer’s site.
• The Service Supplier is required to provide the purchaser weekly monthly and quarterly a detailed report of interventions and services provided. • Follow-up meetings will be conducted monthly and quarterly between the Service Supplier and the different entities of the purchaser
• Fundamental maintenance services on 24h/7d availability.
• It closely liaises with the Customer’s technical and business management to ensure successful delivery of services rendered.
• Detection of failures before they harm the network.
• Reduced own effort for emergency handling and corrective maintenance.
• Mitigation of technical risks during network operations. – Reduced revenue losses due to outages.
• Steady end-user services help generating growth and tackling churn.
• Efficient and fast software change with lowered risk.
• Generating possibility for growth through speedy new end-user service launches
• Dedicated experts support in network maintenance.
• Support for business-critical periods such as special events and new service launches.

Global Experience
• Telecommunications engineering degree
• 3-5 years in maintenance in telecom

Specific Experience in the position
• Good knowledg in IMS CARE SERVICE