L2 Operation Support

mai 25, 2023
Application ends: août 23, 2023

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Job Description

About The Role:

This Service Role is responsible for the coordination, management and execution of proactive and reactive maintenance activities that require a higher level of support that the one offered by the 1st Level Operations and for implementations of the change request in a timely and correct manner by focusing on the allocation, implementation, configuration, activation and testing of specific services or resources. This shall ensure that the services provided to customers are continuously available and performing to Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance levels.


  • Ensure that the services provided to customers are continuously available and performing to Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) performance levels.
  • Guarantee that the client delivers a technical solution in accordance to the agreed change request (specification) and in co-operation with the customer, assuring that changes are correctly implemented without causing any negative impact on the availability of the services
  • Propose improvements of the existing features and suggest new ones according to the needs resulted from the day to day operations.
  • Execute local Strategy Infrastructure Product (SIP) Life Cycle Management (LCM) activities concerning new or enhanced service and resource deployment according to the detailed design project taking in consideration the specific requirements of Ericsson Customer when specific product or service knowledge is required.
  • Lead the investigation in case of the troubleshooting. It will assure a consistent analysis of all areas, in order to identify the root cause of the services degradation
  • Daily operations activities on customer network
  • Preventive health check
  • Traffic and KPI analysis
  • Incident handling including hot and critical issues and perform RCA of Emergencies that occur at customers
  • Interface with Ericsson Support organization
  • Project support during implementation
  • 24/7 on-call support (once a month)
  • Scripting for internal needs
  • Assist with Problem management
  • Perform system administration
  • Work with CRM and Billing operations
  • To perform customer relationship management activities for the customer enterprise organization.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Very Good Technical knowledge in E2E Software delivery in Telco Solutions, especially in CRM and Billing.
  • Telecom applications landscape (Mediation, Billing, Provisioning, CRM, ETL) and Telecom network concepts (e.g. 2G/3G/LTE/5G topology)
  • Database programming (e.g. MariaDB, OpenEdge, Oracle PL/SQL)
  • Virtualization and cloud concepts.
  • Good experience in CSR handling.
  • Should have experience of HW & SW up-gradation.
  • Ability to independently deal with complicated technical issues and problems
  • Experience in a customer support environment
  • Experience working with Unix/ Linux
  • Ability to work under pressure related to scale of business impact
  • Work as a good team member in a group of highly competent and skilled engineers
  • Able to write technical procedures