IP RAN Technical Director

mai 25, 2023
Application ends: août 23, 2023

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Job Description


  • Leader of technical delivery team, responsible for overall E2E technical delivery of project.
  • Technical coordination with customers at all levels, including
    • Control and implement customer process and follow-up mechanism.
    • Prepare and maintain rollout plans and lead technical implementation.
  • Overall resources management and KPI evaluation.
  • Actions and issues management before and after operations.
  • Provide necessary guidance and training for the technical team.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Excellent IP network knowledge reserve, including but not limited to MPLS, SR, L3/L2vpn, etc.
  • Experienced in IPBB/Metro-E network design/planning/construction/troubleshooting etc..
  • Good customer communication skills, daily communication, meeting organization etc., accurate understanding and in-depth analysis of customer requirements.
  • JNCIE/CCIE/HCIE certification is required.
  • Language: ENGLISH(Fluent), FRENCH (Fluent), ARABIC(Fluent is preferred)
  • Workplace: ALGERIA
  • JNCIE/CCIE/HCIE certification is required.