FPSO Cost Controller

novembre 29, 2022
Application ends: mars 1, 2023

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Job Description

The job holder is responsible for the preparation, coordination and controlling of all activities related to Budget and Cost Management for the FPSO during the Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction, Commissioning and Installation phases, i.e.:
•To participate to the FPSO Budget preparation and to the Cost Control structure maintenance according to rules, procedures and Project needs, and TEPA needs;
•To develop, at FPSO Package level, specific instruction(s) and procedures with regards to budget and cost control, as necessary
•To prepare the various budgets and successive updates (Annual Budgets) with inputs from the FPSO Package team, during periodic budget sessions
•To participate in monitoring and controlling of the Project expenditures
•To timely report to the FPSO Project Control Manager highlighting achieved progress and any area of concern or problem encountered
•To participate in the preparation of the Cost Control reports highlighting the FPSO costs trends and drifts, proposing corrective measures or actions
•To create accordingly into the UNISUP system, the Purchase Requests, Purchase Orders, Contracts (and Call-off) for the FPSO package external services
•To process FPSO invoices in accordance with the existing procedures and contracts
•To record and control into the UNISUP system the performances on commitments, relevant accruals, updated payment schedules, invoices, and cost control issues as required
•To ensure the Delegation of Authority process is used as required and applied correctly
•To update and maintain the FPSO Estimated Final Cost (EFC) accordingly
•To close out in UNISUP the commitments according to accounting and SOX procedures
The job holder shall observe and shall impose strict confidentiality of data related to budget and cost data all along the course of the Project.
The job holder reports to the Company representative FPSO Project Control, and functionally to the Project Cost Control Company representitive and TEPA Accounting department.
The job holder is also accountable for demonstrating individually an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE rules & requirements, and with regard to the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy.

Required Qualifications and Background
•Expertise in Finances and Cost Control with advanced expertise at same or equivalent position