Fiscaliste (Tax)

mai 25, 2023
Application ends: août 23, 2023

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Job Description


  • Ensure compliance and application of Algerian and international tax regulations/standards;
  • Ensure the day-to-day operations of declarations and payments of the hydrocarbon taxation and ordinary taxation (including cash call preparation, calculation, declaration) including petroleum royalty, TRP (Taxe sur le RevenuPétrolier), TVA, IBS, Surface tax, Gas flaring tax;
  • Analysetax implication and provide advice/recommendations on taxation-related matters to colleagues and the company team members;
  • Examine the contractual clauses and tax law/regulations (including double tax treaties),to ensure the choice of the most suitable tax application;
  • Claim the exemptions and advantages granted by the legal provisions;
  • Optimize interests of the company in taxation matters;
  • Support team in account closing
  • Contribute to the preparation of departmental work plan & budget

Candidate Requirements:

  • Good knowledge of the hydrocarbons law, in particular 05-07 and 19-13;
  • Good experience in ordinary taxation
  • Communication in English and French